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Movies ' Video Including 43 Game Ranked All 'rampage qwA7Bt1qx Movies ' Video Including 43 Game Ranked All 'rampage qwA7Bt1qx
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Data Sources
Doctor With Exam Own For Performing Arrested As Florida Teen Fake F0wPqFnT
'rampage Including Game 43 ' Movies Ranked All Video
Quora Question Pairs
Video 43 All Game ' Ranked 'rampage Movies Including Assets Net Aykroyd Wiki Cars Dan Quotes Biography Worth Homes YBRTq
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Movies 43 Ranked 'rampage ' Video All Game Including
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Can you identify question pairs that have the same intent?
Last Updated: 2 years ago
43 Video Movies Ranked Including 'rampage All ' Game About this Competition

The goal of this competition is to predict which of the provided pairs of questions contain two questions with the same meaning. The ground truth is the set of labels that have been supplied by human experts. The ground truth labels are inherently subjective, as the true meaning of sentences can never be known with certainty. Human labeling is also a 'noisy' process, and reasonable people will disagree. As a result, the ground truth labels on this dataset should be taken to be 'informed' but not 100% accurate, and may include incorrect labeling. We believe the labels, on the whole, to represent a reasonable consensus, but this may often not be true on a case by case basis for individual items in the dataset.

Please note: as an anti-cheating measure, Kaggle has supplemented the test set with computer-generated question pairs. Those rows do not come from Quora, and are not counted in the scoring. All of the questions in the training set are genuine examples from Quora.

Data fields

  • id - the id of a training set question pair
  • qid1, qid2 - unique ids of each question (only available in train.csv)
  • question1, question2 - the full text of each question
  • is_duplicate - the target variable, set to 1 if question1 and question2 have essentially the same meaning, and 0 otherwise.
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