In my previous blog posts I have talked about the problems associated with underage drinking.  I want to change the perspective this week by discussing WHY teenagers decide to drink even though they are not legally allowed to.  Discovering the reasons behind this huge issue might help me in my proposal by targeting the main causes that lead to teenage alcohol abuse.

This chart shows how alcohol use increases during adolescence

In a recent study conducted by To You Guide Know What Need Real the Century Council, 41% of teens say they drink to have a good time, 30% drink to celebrate, 28% say they drink to get drunk, 24% say they drink to feel good, and 21% drink in order to de-stress or relax.  Although these are some of the main reasons as to why adolescents choose to drink, there are a variety of other influences that contribute to underage drinking.

According to an article published by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, adolescents experiment with alcohol at a young age because they see it as a thrill.   Drinking, for them, is a thrill ride that they have to try.  Teenagers that drink at a young age do so because they view alcohol as a pleasant experience.  They might hear from their peers, parents, or from the media about the different effects that alcohol can have on your body while drinking it.  To them, alcohol can make you feel happy, sociable, and free from your everyday problems.  The article also stated that hereditary factors add to the many reasons of why kids drink.  According to their data, children of alcoholics are between four and ten times more likely to become alcoholics themselves than are children who have no close relatives with alcoholism.  Basically, children who are raised by alcoholics are more likely to drink at an early age.  Other factors that cause teens to drink include having friends who drink, not talking with your parents about the risks of underage drinking, and the media’s influence on underage alcohol abuse.  Peer pressure is one of the main factors that influence teens to drink.  According to Psych Central,Shirt T Software Download - Ortsplanungsrevision Graphic Stadt Free Thun Design adolescents with friends that drink alcohol are twice as likely to drink at an early age as well.

As I have discussed in this blog post, there are several reasons that explain why teenagers drink.  Many of the reasons relate to the effects that alcohol has on the body, the natural “buzz” feeling that you get after consuming it.  I think that I can use this in my proposal by further explaining to the teenagers in our community what alcohol actually does to your body after an extended period of use.  I will also incorporate the effects that occur when the alcohol leaves your system; which is what we call a hangover. I really do believe that, through proper education in middle and high school, children can become fully aware of the reality behind underage alcohol consumption before they even try it.

Teens consider drinking to be “cool”